Innovative, affordable and flexible, the MUSiBOOKS concept suits retailers, sales promotion companies and printed media perfectly.

Some examples of the concept’s potential:

  • A newspaper decides to boost circulation by giving away a 20-part collection of MUSiBOOKS with their Saturday issue.
  • A large retail-chain boosts cash counter sales by selling MUSiBOOKS.
  • Supermarkets give away MUSiBOOKS to customers who spend more than a certain amount.

Sales channels: press promotions, loyalty campaigns, special products, cash counters sales.

We welcome requests for customized projects for press promotions, tailor-made loyalty programs and/or (online) branding opportunities.



Founded in 1992, The Music Marketeers is one of the European frontrunners in both promotional publishing and in store marketing. Drawing upon years of editorial, design, licensing and web building experience, the new range of MUSiBOOKS represent the pinnacle of our publishing activities. The Music Marketeers has offices in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Hamburg, and Warsaw.


Read the book while listening to the music on the special website or via the special MUSiBOOK app in the Spotify appstore.
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