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Everybody likes to read about his or her favorite artists.
And books about music are almost as popular as the music itself.
But what if you could combine both experiences into one?
Well, now you can, because MUSiBOOKS allow people to listen to the music they read about! 
At the heart of the concept are the MUSiBOOKS themselves: richly illustrated and quality printed books about chart-topping artists, musical genres and/or popular themes, such as the seventies.


Because MUSiBOOKS can be delivered for very affordable prices, they present countless commercial opportunities.
But MUSiBOOKS have more to offer than ‘just’ an attractive price tag. Each book is ‘linked’ to a Spotify App where you can listen to all tracks covered in the book. And as Spotify offers a free subscription, ANYONE can enjoy this music!

That’s right: with MUSiBOOKS reading becomes hearing! …

MUSiBOOKS offer you:

Wide range of richly illustrated books
Tailored concepts can be realized on short notice
Major artists, popular genres and exciting themes
Book buyers can listen to all tracks via the app on Spotify or the Spotify enabled concept website.

Hassle free & high quality concept

The Music Marketeers is fully committed to the success of the MUSIBOOKS concept.
More MUSiBOOKS concepts are scheduled for release, we take care of the licensing and the books are professionally written and edited by the best specialists on the topic.

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Founded in 1992, The Music Marketeers is one of the European frontrunners in both promotional publishing and in store marketing. Drawing upon years of editorial, design, licensing and web building experience, the new range of MUSiBOOKS represent the pinnacle of our publishing activities. The Music Marketeers has offices in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Hamburg, and Warsaw.


Read the book while listening to the music on the special website or via the special MUSiBOOK app in the Spotify appstore.
If you don’t have an account yet, get it now: Spotify offers a free subscription, so ANYONE can enjoy this music.